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What are your thoughts on him as an actor/comedian/singer/songwriter/ect?
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Quote by progdude93
I don't believe the Big Bang
I actually really like 20/20.

And his live band is pretty ****in killer right now.
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Not a terrible actor/person in general. Music isn't my cup of tea so no reason to judge it.
I'm still not sure yet, but I think I like his acting
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I think he's a cool guy good singer, his acting needs work but at least he's doing what he loves and he's not a dick about it.
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Honestly, acting wise I think it was all just downhill from that 70's show for him.

I mean he seems like a nice guy and an acceptable actor. Haven't seen/heard enough of him to really know though.

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I think he's pretty funny and seems pretty down to earth, but his music is terrible

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I'm rather indifferent towards him, except for this video, which is just awesome. I don't really know why, but it's just really good.

And what is more, there's been a bloody purple nose and some bloody purple clothes that were messing up the lobby floor. It's just apartment house rules so all you 'partment fools remember : one man's ceiling is another man's floor.
don't like his music, but the SNL stuff he's done is funny.
I've never really thought about what I think of him before.
Quote by Axelfox
he's keww but not a huge fan of his music

that holy grail song with jay-z sucks
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Lil B, the young based god, has the ability to create music so profound, that others around him cannot even comprehend his magnificent verbal progressive nature.

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Don't like his music at all but seems like a really likeable person; the same category as James Blunt. I've enjoyed most of the films I've seen him in though.
he's okay.

don't see his 'attractiveness' thing though. boy is kinda plain, not really cut or bulked, beady eyes, roundish face.

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He looks like another generic American model to me
Quote by Trowzaa
I wish I was American.

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The sex appeal comes from being multi-talented. He gives average cats a good reputation.
"Dude, am I really thinking or am I, just like, thinking that I'm thinking?" -Bill Nye


Quote by progdude93
I don't believe the Big Bang
He seems cool, although he comes across as a bit whiter than white. He's too clean cut.
He's a great showman, he's funny, he didn't **** up like all the other child stars, he's hot, he writes good pop music and made way for lots of other quality pop artists amongst the pile of shit that is the Top 40s, he maintains good race and gender relations, he dances well

Yeah I'd throw my panties at the guy. I think my fiance would be totally okay with it too. That would be the best threesome ever.
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Not as good as Justin Bieber, but few are.
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I'm done with the "hate on pop music celebrities" thing. I think he's a decent artist, haven't seen his acting but made some good/catchy songs, suspect he wrote at least some of them himself and that's cool. Not a new Michael Jackson but alright.
Loved ( and still do) his first solo album(s? Basically up to when he did the McDonalds song), wasn't too keen on what has happened since, but his Lonely Island collabs. more than make up for the interlude
Quote by WCPhils
I think he's pretty funny and seems pretty down to earth, but his music is terrible

This. I don't like his music but he seems like a cool guy
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Isis is amazing
He seems cool, he's funny, he's chill, he's got some killer dance moves, he makes decent music...

What's not to like?

Or is it still hip to hate on successful pop stars?

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He's great. His music's catchy and he's a pretty good actor.


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I'm not familiar with his music but i kinda like his acting. Basically his acting in In Time. So yeah, cool guy.
My sister used to be in love with him in the 90s/early 2000's. He's a good singer and some of his music ain't too bad. Though I don't care for him too much, I respect him as an actor.

Unlike over hyped stars like Bieber, this guy actually has some talent in his left nut.
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His portrayal of Sean Parker in The Social Network was pretty good. None of his other ones were anything to call home though. In Time was just some generic white, male badass typecast and friends with benefits wasn't particularly memorable
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