I feel a little apprehensive about posting my work online so plainly but I would like to hear some opinions on this, as it's quite different. Little context, been writing out my band's stuff in guitar pro for a while now - but this is something I wrote almost entirely in guitar pro tonight, for my band to try out. Guys said they were getting bored of 4/4 time

Forgive the scruffy scoring (mainly a tonne of rests) and empty tracks, I've been using a template for all our stuff, not everything has a tonne of backing vocals, or sax parts. Also the lyrics aren't entirely finished.

Obviously open to any criticism/advice you think you could offer, as is my nature. I'll c4c if you request it too
68 thing.gp5
68 thing.mid
Don't have GP, so can't see the score, but I really dig this, especially with the drums. What do you have in the score that makes it a math piece? Because it sounds like straight 12/8 to me. A groovy as heck 12/8, that is.
i really liked the verses. and the song, mostly. i do think, you need a different chorus, something catchier. your current chorus is cool and interesting, but I think I would really enjoy it if it were 1. only done once and 2. used as a bridge or interlude or whatever or something. just my opinion, of course. very cool jazzyjam. peace!
Pretty nice. You can do something very interesting with it.
But well, I don't see where is the " Math ".
im not even fully done listening to it and i already love it. well done!!! btw, you do know they have a lyric track so that you dont have to post them as comments?

still, very catchy and chill! i wish i could find people to write music like this with

Edit: also, its not really all that important, but if you wanted to be theoretically accurate, this would technically be 12/8 like guitarsolo said
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Math was a bad word choice, apologies - by math I meant more the atypical voicing of the guitars and the awkward syncopations. My drummer also told me it was 12/8 when I showed him, I understand the difference now, heh. Taken the other comments onboard, changed the structure slightly and added a new section, I'll post an update soon. Thanks for the kind words.

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also, can one of you name some/an artist with a style like this? i really like it

The only band I can think of that has a lot of similar material to this would be The Dear Hunter - particularly Act II and Act III have a lot of music that is similar harmonically and rhythmically. "The Lake and the River" and "Mustard Gas" are two songs I think you would enjoy Other than that I take a lot of influence from music that sounds nothing like what I write, for example I'm into stuff like Bonobo, Quantic, Mount Kimbie, Shanghai Restoration Project

EDIT: My own band's EP is being mastered currently, when it's done I'll post some songs on the internet and share them UG - though it is mostly a little different to this song, I think you could like us.
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thanks man, ill check them out
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My own band's EP is being mastered currently, when it's done I'll post some songs on the internet and share them UG - though it is mostly a little different to this song, I think you could like us.

please do lol
Sorry for taking so long to reply.

That was something quite different to what I usually find on here, and I liked it.

Starting off on negative points: I felt some parts dragged out a little bit, like the interlude I think could be cut down by 8 bars, or there needs to be some vocals going on at some point. I think the song needed some sort of a climax after that interlude, or a bigger chorus after that interlude, because I was really hoping for some big wall of sound after bar 122, but it just went to the chorus again, so I was a little disappointed.

I felt like the vocals didn't add too much. I was expecting a much catchier chorus line, because to be honest it didn't really feel like a chorus.

As for the positives, I enjoyed it overall regardless of my criticism. I figure it's more useful for me to pick out what I think you can improve on rather than just throw compliments. But there were some creative rhythms. I liked how the drums, guitars and vocal rhythms fit together in the verses. I'm a fan of these kinda jazzy chords too. I would really like to hear this recorded.

I got a kinda The Dear Hunter vibe from this, if you're a fan by any chance. Good band if you haven't, you might like them. But yeah, I think you could really do with having a big section after that interlude, that would really make (or break) the song for me. You've got the foundations, but now you just need to take this some where.
sebuk, he already stated that he likes that band lol

but im sorry, i checked out dear hunter, and they didnt really sound like this much at all. this sounds more like swing jazz to me

not to say dear hunter was bad, by any means. just didnt sound like this