Wasn't exactly sure where to put this, but... here goes.

I'm an intermediate guitar player and lead a fairly hectic life so I don't have TOO much time to devote to playing and discovering new songs to play on guitar. I love being able to pick up my acoustic, put on a playlist in iTunes and jam along.

Every now and again i'll get bored and want to find some new stuff to learn/play. So I usually end up googling "Best acoustic guitar songs" or something along those lines. This quickly leads to frustration as almost every list I find across the net is filled to the brim with songs that were made before I was even born.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of the old stuff are GREAT to play, but I'm sorry, you can only play Stairway to Heaven and Tears in Heaven and Wish You Were Here so many times.

So my question to you is... what's your source for good acoustic songs that have been recorded within the last decade? I mean stuff that is relatively simple and good for playing around your friends / at a campfire or something. What songs do YOU like to show off to your friends, where they actually know what you're playing?

A couple examples:
Lumineers - Ho Hey, Stubborn Love
Black Keys - Little Black Submarines
City and Colour - Sleeping Sickness
Ben Howard is a goldmine of great acoustic songs. The tuning and different sized capos can be a real pain in the ass for some people but if you revolve around CGCGGC and CFCGFC you can learn Old Pine, Further Away, Gracious, Promise and maybe more.

For Further Away I cut my cheap capo so it would only fit across 4 strings. Banjo Capos will work but you can get a capo that works for about £2-£5 on Ebay and modify them.