I picked up this Hammond organ amp with
speakers real cheap. It's made of high grade
3/4/ inch plywood and is real strong,

I decided to cut a 15 inch speaker out of it.
I already had three sides of the cab already
put together that way,

I cut out a back for it from scraps. I then made
the joints smooth with a hand plainer It weighs
about 32 pounds,

I hooked it up. I haven't had a chance to use it
much, but it sounds real good so far. It can get
all trebbley like a 10 inch speaker if I turn the
bass all the way down. It can get real full if I
give it much bass.

I still need to put some filler in some places and
put some kind of covering and a handle. Also, a
grill would be nice.

So far I have about $20 invested,

I cut the top and bottom off a Silvertone Smart IIs
solid state 20 watt combo. I tossed the middle and
glued the top to the bottom using JB Weld. I also
installed a 1/4 inch speaker jack.

It sure sounds a lot better pushing a 15. I like the
overdrive better than the small Fender, Peavey or
Acoustic. It has a wider range and just sounds better,

I ordered a grill off eBay for $11 with free shipping.
That includes the clips and screws to hold it in place.

Here's the eBay pic,

I guess it's finished.

I had been waiting on the grill
and cussing because it wasn't
here yet.

I opened my front door and there
it was.

It had been there sense Saturday,

Really cool. What is that stone-structure thing you used on this? Some sort of spraypaint?
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Quote by timfleur1987
Really cool. What is that stone-structure thing you used on this? Some sort of spraypaint?

Thanks Tim,

I just used Rust-Oleum paint from Wall-Mart.
It's called "Stone" and has a rough texture.
I used some other primer and paint under
that I already had on hand.

I'm poor and was trying to keep the cost
down. I got about $40 invested in this cab.

I have no specifications on the speaker and
have only used a 20 watt amp with it. I
don't know what it is capable of, but it
sounds good.