My pedal isn't turning on for some reason. I usually use the Boss AC adaptor everyday and just today all of a sudden it doesn't even turn on. The Boss AC adaptor light still turns on when plugged in. I even tried plugging in batteries into the pedal and it doesn't work. Anyone have any idea what is going on? Is it gone for good?
Have you got batteries in it at all? Because if you have the unit would have been running off the batteries, the adapter doesn't by pass the batteries so soon as they run out the unit will stop.

Get the batteries out if you have some in and then try plugging it in
I do not usually use batteries- I only use the AC adaptor. I tried using batteries without the adaptor to see if it would work, but it does not. No lights are turning on so I don't know what is going on. It was working fine around 2-3 days ago.
The switch could not be activating for some reason. I don't have this pedal but I would look at the on and off switch. Maybe it's stuck in the off position. Try reseting the switch some how.
I don't think it's the AC adaptor OR the batteries as I have tried both at the same time and one without the other.
I would suggest that something is amiss with the pedal then. It normally turns on as soon as you plug in a cable into the in side doesnt it. is anything got stuck in that input that is blocking the connections across the pin or anything? Dunno how easy it would be to open them up and just double check the cabling to that input jack, I imagine it will be fairly difficult though what with all the circuitry on those things.

Can you take it to a tech or anything?