Greetings good people!

I've been playing electric guitars for 20 years and now decided to get electric acoustic guitar and need your advice.

Something under $1000, with cutaway but what is most important, adjustable to low action for fast playing.

What would be your advice?

So many choices... Best advice I could give would be to go to a big outlet like guitar center and start playing guitars.... One might jump out at you.

Taylor has a reputation for slick-playing necks, as does Ovation. There are a variety of others.
Thanks! Unfortunately, I live far away from United States and only entry level guitars are available here, that's why your advice is very important!

One point to Taylor!

Anyone else?
So basically what you're saying is, the entry level guitars in your area are $1000.00 USD.........???

(I really think the syntax of your OP needs tweaked a bit).

Or, you could tell us what you CAN buy, and let us pick from that....
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I'm saying that in the music stores in my city, basically there are guitars that cost around $300 in America... I myself have a very good collection of electric guitars, most of them were ordered from United States. I was never seriously interested in acoustic guitars before but now the things have changed, even though I don't want to pay more then $1000, so let's take it as a top margin!

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OK, when someone says, "$300.00", we say, "Yamaha GFX-700". (That's the Electric Acoustic version), and it has a cutaway.

According to most everybody here, that's about as much, "bang for the buck", as you're going to find at that price point.

Being an electric guy, you should well know, that ambiance effects, (reverb, chorus, & delay), can spice up your sound immensely. You prolly won't be happy unless your acoustic is plugged in anyway. (I know I'm not). The, "I wasn't interested in acoustics until now", speaks to the refreshing fact that neither you, (nor I), are purists.

As of now, I've taken to playing my hybrid 12 strings through a stereo chorus. Yes, with two amps. The sound is thicker and richer than any best selling brand of tomato sauce....
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i'd go with Bikewer( he's a crafty 'ol shit) Taylor's 114, 214 or even the great little GS mini( now available this year with onboard electronics - pay no attention to what the back and sides look like, they all have the same tone) or an Ovation Elite series or higher would be just the ticket. all of those have the smaller 1 11/16" nut width like your electrics. and they are very easy playing guitars.
(p.s. loved the tomato sauce comment. that was great cranky)
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Taylor 214ce $1000 / 114ce $850

Yamaha AC3R $900 / Yamaha AC3M $800 / AC1R $700 / Yamaha AC1M $600

Martin GPCPA5K $800 / Martin GPCPA5 $800

I'll have to choose one of these.

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hmm.. i've played all 4 yammies and bought the AC3M. i no longer have it but would consider it again. the Martins at that price level did not impress me much.. a little too muddy sounding.
the 214 and 114 have the characteristic taylor sparkle. a lot of older players dont care for that "new acoustic" voice. i've A/B'd the yammie against the 214 recently and they are completely different animals. the 214 suits fingerstyle very well and is pretty good at strumming while the yamaha's characteristics are just the opposite, strums well and is ok with fingerstyle.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
the yammie has a 43mm( 1.69 inches) vs the taylor's 1 11/16 inch nut width. i do find the taylor's neck to be easier to play even though it's a little narrower. the taylor will be perfect right out of the box while my yammie did need a set up to make it almost as playable as my taylors. i think that taylor has guitar necks down to a perfect science. and they're neck design (NT) ensures playability for quite some time. if it ever needed a neck reset, it's just a matter of a few bolts and shims.
you really cant go wrong with either choice. it's just a matter of preference. it would be easier if you could sit down and try them. i live out in the middle of nowhere in the States but i do have access to decent music shops. i feel for you and the necessity to rely on our opinions to make a choice.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
most don't come back and show off what they ended up getting...don't be one of those !
take some pics and share with us.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
i really like the taylor 114ce - better than the 214, actually, although they're very similar.
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most don't come back and show off what they ended up getting...don't be one of those !
take some pics and share with us.

That's for sure!
Some kind of magic happened here and local Yamaha store received CPX1000. Played it and found the neck profile to be little bit "thick"...

Do CPX1000 and AC3 / AC1 have the same neck profile? As you wrote above Taylor 114-214s are little narrower, but how would you compare them in terms of thickness?
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