Hi I'm newbie here and I bought acoustic guitar but don't know what strings are good. Someone can help me? Thanks
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First we need to know if its a nylon or a steel guitar

I think it might be made of wood.
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I recommend Elixir strings. They last forever and if you get them with the poly/nanoweb coating they are slick and beautifully playable. They are the jams. They stay crisp forever and sound lovely. I put a new set on my acoustic about a month ago and they still sound perfect where as the DR ones i had before that only lasted maybe 2 months before becoming rough, dirty and terrible sounding. However, if you've got nylon I'm of no help to you.
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D-Addario Phosphour Bronze, they come in three packs at guitar center, are encased in very corrosion resistant packaging material (I live in a pretty humid area and have had problems with strings rusting in the package, which is funny because I never have a problem with my strings rusting on the guitar.) I havent bought acoustic strings in a while because of this. And they sound very good.
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On the front page there is a sticky " Master information Thread" Go look in there, heaps of info on strings.
Every one has a different opinion on strings.

I choose Elixers 11s even though they are extremely expensive in my country, but they keep tone and last. Cheers