Hello all!

So I have an acousticaster and it's nice and I like the sound and stuff but it'll randomly pick up radio signals. It happened a few different times in different places. If I bring the EQ sliders below the half way, it goes away, but obviously it affects my sound....

It happens semi often in my brand new condo, once at my parents house and once in a professionnal studio.

This is the guitar:


Anyone have any idea of how I could fix this?


EDIT: I should mention that this is a rare occurence. It happened maybe 4 or 5 times in a year and we play with it a lot. As such, it's not the biggest problem on the planet but JC, was my face red when it happened in studio
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Wow thats interesting. I did have a amp a while back that interfered with with radio signals and was found to have a bad earth connection. But hell i'm no electrician. I would get it checked out.
Have you eliminated the cables and amp as a source of the interaction?

Not to say it isn't east to pick up a bad ground, (bad earth in Tux-ese), within all the electronics in the guitar proper.

If you can track it to an AC line issue, a TVRI suppressor can be plugged in a the wall.

The most common point of problem with onboard electronics, is the output jack itself.

While a bad solder joint or pot in the EQ is a possibility, the act of turning down the tone control may be just masking the issue by reducing the audio frequencies where the interference is most prominent
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Well about the amp, the three times it was plugged into something different. At the condo it was a sound card, at my parents house it was into a marshall 100 watt acoustic amp and in studio it was into their console... forget the brand.

I suppose it's possible it might be a bad cable. I have a million of them though.... Next time it happens, I'll take note of which cable it was. However I used these cables interchangeably with all my guitars and amps and only have the problem with the godin. Likewise I've plugged many guitars into my sound card and never had this problem.

It's hard for me to put a finger on the grounding issue. My condo is brand new (finished in 2013)... is a bad ground something that might develop in old buildings? The studio I was at often tracks all sorts of instruments DI... The engineers I was with rarely heard that problem.

I suppose all signs seem to be pointing to a problem with my guitar itself....
I'm not ann electronics tech, and that's the best I could do for you, is make sure you've gone through a thorough process of elimination.

As far as "bad ground" goes, I wasn't suggesting it was the building's electrical system.

Bad cables and iffy jacks are the primary suspects. With that said, it doesn't take much in the way of a cold solder joint, or bad connection to the pickup(s), to turn a highly sensitive preamp into a radio receiver.

Are your other guitars passive, or active, electronics?

Incidentally, (but I don't know for sure), you might get more traction with this topic in the "Gear Building and Customization" forum: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=53
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