Hi,i'm new here.just started playing guitar a few days ago.i can play some chords like G,C,E,D...well you get the idea.i cant play any bar chords though,at least not yet.have some idea about power chords.it might be early but i was wondering if you guys can suggest me some songs to play on guitar.i'd prefer if i can play the whole song.one other thing is that it would be better if the song does not involve only strumming or chord changes.i can play Burzum's the crying orc and SOAD's toxicity's intro (i'm yet to nail the last part at full tempo,can play it slowly though) and pantera's this love (intro only,slowly).This should give you an idea about my taste....thanks in advance.Cheers
Perhaps you should stay away from Metal a bit until you've got some more skills under your belt. Try maybe "She Loves You" by the Beatles
Yeah dude. At first you're gonna have to play songs that may seem lame to you. Get a good solid year of practice and dedication under your belt and then try some Metal stuff. That's what I did. Now I'm playing stuff by As I Lay Dying and August Burns Red. I'm playing songs that I never in my life thought I would be playing.
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thanks guys.can you suggest some rock/blues song that i can play?please try to suggest songs that has some licks or arpeggio rather than just strumming chords....thanks
You can't play barre chords yet, licks and arpeggios really aren't the priority.
If it's blues rock you like, check out AC/DC. The rhythm parts are pretty simple, but to get it to sound convincing isn't easy and I can't overstate the importance of practising rhythm guitar.
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