Im looking for a 50 watt tube head to use live with my band, Ive been looking at this and ive heard mixed reviews has anyone have experience with it at all.

My budget is only £400

i use my peavey 6505 112 atm but want to go back to the head cab setup live,

just want to know how it is really no decent videos up of it
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Turn your combo into a head and get a Harley Benton G212vintage cab from Thomann

I knew a band that used them for a while, they sounded OK but not great
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I agree with Robb, a lackluster sound for sure, it'll get you by but it doesn't compare to the Peavey. Alternatively if you don't want to dice up your combo, just get a 112 or 212 and stack them up. I used my 6505+ 112 with a Mesa Rectifier 112, looked good and sounded great, filled in all the missing low end that people miss with the Peavey.

P.S. - if it matters to you (it did to me ) the width of the Peavey and the 112 Rec cab line up almost perfectly, so it looks really slick.
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Yeah, why not just spend all the money on a cab? You can use your combo as a head (if you like its sound).
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