Or had any other ailment/illness that has a huge impact on how you live or perceive the world around you, would you end your life?

Obviously a lot of people wouldn't and don't, else we wouldn't have very many blind people roaming the streets ect.

but what about you?
It's over simplified, So what!

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Being deaf would suck really bad, but I can't even imagine going blind. There's this whole beautiful world around you and you never get to see it again. Not your family, not your spouse, not your friends, not anything.

I would not end my life because I don't believe in that for myself, but I can't say I wouldn't be super grumpy and probably live alone
I thought about this and this is the order in which I would lose abilities before killing myself:
Legs(Don't need 'em)
Eyes(yeah, I'd miss it but they can go)
Ears(I'd be pretty much ****ed at this point)
Arms(tied with ears)
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I don't know whether I'd prefer to be blind or deaf. I'd probably start smoking or some shit.
If I was blind I would probably just listen to a lot of books on tape, then write essays and stuff about them on my blog where people sympathize for me. If I was deaf I would do likewise but with art. Either way I'm playing the handicapped card.
Have you though how you're going to write whilst blind?

I'd off myself. **** living without senses.
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Have you though how you're going to write whilst blind?

They have those speak-write things nowadays where you speak into mic and magic happens and words appear on your computer.
I'm deaf in one ear as a result of a work-related incident 5 years ago, and for the first two months after it happened, my balance and equilibrium were absolute shit. I've gotten used to it now, but sometimes people still have to speak loud to get my attention if they're on my bad ear.
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Possibly. If I were blind I'd probably make a band and call it Blind Beethoven and get famous and then do it with an awesome legacy
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i wouldn't want to be deaf or blind.

i could live with a missing eye or leg though.
I wouldn't because there's a decent chance that before I die the technology to restore sight and hearing will be available.

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Dude, what is this shit? What are you trying to accomplish by sucking this dude's dick so hard?

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