Hello everyone. This is my first post, so be gentle.

Just a bit of background for context. I am primarily left-handed, but use a "regular" guitar, because I made the assumption that it would make sense using the fingers on my more dominant hand to form the chords. Fast-forward a few lessons (using a beginner's book as a reference), I'm now on the part that involves strumming. Not realizing the intricacies of strumming then, I asked some friends, and they told me I was experiencing a greater degree of difficulty due to the fact that I am not using my dominant hand to strum.

So I started reading up on the pros and cons of using the non-dominant hand to strum (a lot of which I learned while reading through past threads in these forums on the same topic), and ultimately, I've decided that I am going to continue using my right hand to strum.

That being said, my strumming still sounds really bad, and I think I am hitting the strings quite hard with a pick and it just doesn't sound as smooth compared to when I was using my thumb to strum (I'm using a medium pick that came with a beginner guitar pack, if that matters). Would be thankful if anyone could suggest some specific exercises I could do to improve this (not sure if there are some specific to those using the non-dominant hand) other than simply going at it "randomly" and getting used to the motion and locking my strumming in with the metronome's beat.

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I think the most important advice that can be given is to practice at a tempo where you can it, and that applies to everything on guitar.

If your strumming sounds bad, just sit and strum over chords in different patterns, just making sure that you play so slow that you can't do anything wrong.
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Just practice slow you'll get it no matter what hand your using. (I've spent alot more time specifically developing my rhythm hand than my fretting hand).
Thanks for the advice. Will definitely continue to practice and adjust the tempo as necessary.