Dude, this is a really solid 9/10. I'm a fan of the vocals and the wall-of-sound approach. You have a new fan.
What the heck? It played for only 20 seconds. Twice. Those 20 seconds sounded pretty good though. I saw Dinosaur Jr play live once: he played guitar quite well, but live singing was disappointing. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

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If what I'm about to say is against what you are going for, then disregard

If you have the oppurtunity to overdub (at home or back in the studio), Try purposeful layering, if there's like 3 playing the same thing, try some LCR panning man (100 percent left, center (with stereo seperation) and 100 percent right) and dont push all the faders have the 100 percent L and 100 percent R track a lower volume the the center one.

A trick to try, or gleefully disregard

Keep rocking gents!
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