In 4 months time, I'm moving to Australia, for my degree!

Before I leave, I'm planning on treating myself to a new guitar.
I'd like to keep it at travel size for now.

I've been looking at the Taylor GS Mini.

Any other suggestions?
if your looking at the mini( 3rd thread in a row that i've commented on the GS mini) you still have a lot of options. the different backs and sides really don't mean much. even Bob Taylor mentions that the veneer on the backs doesn't change the tone. just choose the one that you like the most but know that you don't have to spend the extra for the more "exotic" woods.
only real choice would be between the spruce or mohogany tops. they make a big sound difference. i myself prefer the warmer tone of the 'hog tops. others like the clarity of the spruce more.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I'll go for that one that you mentioned. I travelled more than year around NZ with an electric guitar and a mini amp and every time that I had to move it was a pain in the ass...but I really loved when I was settle in a place.

Oh maybe you're already going to do this, but...buy the guitar in Australia so you don't have to deal with it during the flight.

I'd go with the hog GS mini Taylor, being smaller the mahogany lessens some of the over brightness that a spruce top with small body gives. And nice bag to carry on.
if the GS mini is small enough for you, it's a very good choice imo. it sounds good, and the fairly large (for a travel guitar) lower bout means it's not tinny or overly bright. i like the spruce top and the mahogany top models, and if it weren't for the 1 11/16" nut width, i'd own one.
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