I have a vocal line I'm trying to harmonize and cant seem to figure it out. I know how to do backround vocal harmonies that are all chordal based on oohs and aahs and such, but have never tried harmonizing with actual lyrics and melody that although basic jumps around.

So if you guys could help me that'd be awesome everything I do sounds like crap.

Chords: E B7
The melody goes C# E F# G#.... E G# E G# F#
She broke my heart, and drowned my soul

Kind of has an everyl brothers 50s style rhythm going and vocals too the way its sung.

Any help would be appreciated.
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The simplest way to do vocal harmonies is to harmonize in thirds or use chord tones in the harmonies. Or then just come up with another melody that fits it. Try to hear it - I think that's the best way to write harmonies.
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the first port of call is usually thirds, but they don't always work or sound good. just try sit down behind an instrument like a guitar or piano and just play with the melody, both above and below. the harmonies don't have to chase each other the whole time.
I also came here to suggest harmonizing in 4ths and 6ths.
Try 3rds, 4ths and 5ths, and see what works.

Better yet, find several examples of vocal harmonies, isolate their pitches, against the progression, and analyze. Instant education. Music theory can help, if you are strong there.

Here's the free shorthand version of possibilities:

C# E F# G#.... E G# E G# F#


E G# A B .... G# B G# B A That's strictly 3rds, assuming the Key is E (and the B7 says it is).