Had a mesa recto but sold it since I don't play out anymore and it was too loud for my apartment.

I didn't mind my line 6 spider for practicing.. but now that it's my only amp, I'm kind of wanting more tone-wise.

Figured going the solid state route would be a way to keep the volume low and still maintain the tone. Also wanted to keep things simple as possible and still be able to use my pedals... so not too interested in processors etc.

So basically looking for a solid state with good high gain rectifier type tones and curious as to feedback. Random searching on the net has pulled up suggestions such as the ampeg vh / peavey xxl / and some randalls. Would prefer to get something for $500ish - but open to spending a little more if it really kicks ass. New or used...doesn't matter.

Any suggestions? feedback?

Update: Rectifier type tones might be a bit generic... so in terms of tone I really dig, I'd go with Jerry Cantrell / Alice in Chains type distortion stuff.
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They are not SS, but the Krank Jr series are nice amps, sound good at low volumes and have a good FX loop. The 20 watters start at $300ish used look here www.guitarcenter.com/usedgear
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Randall RG series.
Crate GX series should be cool too, they are very similar to the Ampeg VH series.
Orange has a new solid state head (CR120) coming out which they claim is a solid state version of a Rockerverb, but there isn't any sample on the hi gain side yet.
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Blackstar HT-1 might be an idea.

HT Metal 1 would probably be a better high-gain option

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Anyway, vypyr. Tube, or +1 to Robb's suggestion. in my opinion you can do better than blackstar ht's.
And just don't get a micro terror.
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What you really need is a new amp.

(Anything I missed?)

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I have been hearing about MG amps lately. I have heard good about them, but only a few times have they been talked about here.

Yamaha THR-10X.

10w, small, run un battery or power adapter, handles high gain.
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The Ampeg VH-140s are pretty great. And cheap. seen them as low as $250.
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Vypyr and Vypyr Tube would be the best for modeling stuff but I dont know if its pedal friendly. The built-in effects are plenty though.

For non-modeling the latest Randall RG serie (RG1503 and the RG13 1w amp-in-a-box pedal) is great for high gain stuff and not for much else. Very powerful sounding though. OD1 channel is just golden for my ears. Unsure about OD2, the midrange is quite overpowering in that (propably good for lead parts but I'm not a lead player). Also works for low volumes if your cab/speakers work well in those.

Its very hard to EQ though. Most likely active EQ because volume changes quite a lot as you tweak the knobs and adjusting one knob affects all frequencies somehow. Sensitive and pain in the ass but I got them in a position thats just right for me and only changes I do come from switching the bass boost and midscoop buttons on and off in different combinations.

Very hard to find good sound clips of it. This is pretty much only one on Youtube thats professionally recorded.

For new amps I guess this is pretty much your only option. As far as I know Randall seems to be the only brand (out of the bigger amp names) that takes non-modeling solid states seriously anymore (the above mentioned Orange was news to me) as these days you can have a good tube amp for not too expensive (and being tube amp does not mean its bad in low volumes.) and solid states are widely considered to be beginners amps only.

For old used stuff you might find these for cheap:

Ampeg VH-140 or the Crate GX-130c equivalent.
Peavey XXL
Randall RG100ES
Maybe Marshall Valvestate 8100 which is a love it or hate it amp. Divides opinions like crazy with nothing in between.

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Ampeg VH-140C, SS150 or a Crate GX-130c. Line 6 Vetta or HD147 could work, too.
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Thanks for all the suggestions already!

Seems like most of these are out of production huh? Kind of a bummer, since I'll have to rely on youtube vids to make the call and unfortunately some of these I'm looking up or have looked up... there's only a handful of vids, most of which seem to be some dude just chugging with metal riffs, which doesn't do much in terms of demonstrating the versatility of the amp.

Not sure if this is drastically going to change any of the suggestions... but I really dig Jerry Cantrell / Alice in Chains distorted tones. Higher gain, but not overkill and still very articulate.

Also updated my initial post if this is a game changer.

PS. I'm still youtubing through some of these suggestions... but the AMT stonehead I've heard of before and seems to be in production, but where the hell do you find these things? I haven't found any local or online retailers that sell them and ebay only had a couple new ones.
I've not used one yet, but the Yamaha THR-10X noted above has me really intrigued and sounds like it would be near-perfect for your application.
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The Ampeg VH-140C, and its variants, sounds very close to the Splawn Nitro IMO.
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.