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My question is: What is the best microphone to record guitar? I am on a budget of under £100/$160.
In that price range the best bet is an SM57. It'll also do lots of other things quite well too.
Okay, thanks. Someone else actually recommended that mic.

What do you think of a USB mic?
You'll want a usb/firewire interface if you want quality, although ive never used a usb mic so i cant really comment.

Sm57 is an excellent mic choice. Price is good, it has plenty of applications in the studio and is great for electric guitar.

Sennheiser 421 and a Shure Sm57 is pretty much industry standard for recording guitar, although the sennheiser is pretty expensive.
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Bear in mind the tone coming from your amp is still far more important than the mic you use. If you only have access to a cheap practice amp you're going to get better results recording direct using virtual amps.

These are all really good dynamic instrument mics I can recommend for guitar cabs:

Audix i5
Shure SM57
Prodipe TT1
Blue Encore 100i
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Okay, thanks. Someone else actually recommended that mic.

What do you think of a USB mic?

There's a bit about USB mics in the Interfaces sticky. They aren't generally recommended.
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Sennheiser e609 is a good one, too. I still tend to prefer my SM57s or Beyerdynamic M201TG, though.
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