hello guys..
I overpracticed my both arms and wrists when i worked out with dumbell, not by playing guitar..
And I gave left,right wrist pain when i played the guitar.It effected my playing a lot.Its seems like after 1,5 week It thought its recovered (I dont know...).

But something happened to my both hand's techic .I didnt have any guitar technic problems before.I could play fast fluidly.and my wristes never felt even a little pain...

how can i say?! when i try to open my fingers sometimes my left arm strains with pain.and some other things makes my arm strain and there is pinky and ring finger pain also. ..It never happened to me before..

what can i do?!

thanks guys
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Well, I separated my shoulder and screwed off my rotator cuff. Whenever I lift anything my shoulder starts to scream at me. I'm in the same boat as you brodah. For you though, I bet the more you stretch it out the better it might feel. Possibly. I'm no doctor.
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Simple. See a doctor. Best advice anyone here can give you.