I've had the guitar a little more than a month. It's a brand new Fender MIM Deluxe Lonestar. It's an awesome strat for a great price.

The Lonestar has excellent stock pickups with a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in the bridge and a Texas Special in the neck and middle positions. This guitar is well-suited for most styles of music; I've been able to get everything from bluesy tones to nice hard rock tones. I'm a little disappointed with the sound of position 2 (middle and bridge pick-up), but I like all of the other settings. The set-up of the guitar was, well, okay. The intonation needs a little adjusting, but the action is good and doesn't need any adjustments. This is a beautiful guitar which I'm very happy with.

I also just got this:

It's a Tech 21 Trademark 30. It's a solid state, but this one is built with analog components. This amp sounds great and can create surprisingly warm tones. So far my favorite settings are Tweed -Hi gain - US, Tweed - Hot- US, and Calif- Hi gain - US. My only complaint is that, when using the on board drive, the calif and British settings produce an unusually loud hum. This goes away by dialing down the drive, which doesn't bother me, though, as I use a pedal for distortion/overdrive anyway. Overall this is an amazing little amp that's straight forward to use and can produce almost-tube-like tones.
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