Hi guys, this is a video play through (guitar and bass) of the title track off my solo album, Mun3 - Community Supervision. I made the video using the windows movie maker, which was a pain. The timing is very slightly off but it was the best i could do with what i had.

I'd like some suggestions regarding multi-cam video editing, since i'm planning on shooting a video play through with my other band (4-5 cameras) sometime in the near future. What are some good (preferably cheap) programs to use for this kind of stuff?

anyways heres the video, enjoy!
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I think you have some great ideas and you're a very decent bass player. The only big problem I had was the electric guitar tone was pretty horrid. If you're recording directly in the computer, I highly suggest TH2 overloud or something a bit higher quality. You have great ideas and you're guitar playing doesn't seem bad at all it's just your tone really makes you appear worse than what it really is.
Yea, you're not the first one to tell me about the guitar tone. I recorded it using the line 6 toneport and the gearbox program. I was debating about whether to try again with the gearbox for the next album or go analog. I'll look into that TH2 overloud software as well. Thank you for the feedback