Alright, so some time ago, i bought a fender classic player 60's strat. It's a very nice guitar, and im enjoying it, however i've noticed that when playing notes past the 12th fret, they seem to not be as powerful as they should be.

What i mean is, the volume isn't nearly as loud, they dont sustain for long and their tone is weak. This is especially true when bending these notes.

It's annoyed me a lot, and i've tried altering the action of the strings, raising and lowering the pickups, obviously changing strings. Raising the action seemed to help slightly, however it's still a huge problem, and raising the action further isn't really an option.

Finally, i wanna add that there isn't any actual fret buzz. There is a little, but it isn't a problem.

Does anyone know what's causing this? I'm kinda thinking it could be the truss rod, but the truss rod access is at the body of the guitar, so i don't really want to mess with it.
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From personal experience, it may be a problem with tension, like you said with the truss rod. If the scale is altered slightly, or the intonation is tweaked, it can produce a slightly tighter string, and notes will lose sustain and volume. Also, grab a good magnifying glass and check the frets… if they’re soft or worn, you might have a groove or dip in the string location, which will cause the same thing. Finally, and this is a stretch, the way the string is seated on the saddles might be doing the same thing with the grooving problem. This can only be checked if you switch them completely, but like I said, that’s a stretch… pretty much a worst case scenario.

Hope this helped.
One other thing I thought of. I have a problem with the wiring of my pickups that I'm getting fixed soon. This has created all kinds of odd note behavior. So, after you try all the stuff mentioned before, look at the wiring of your pickups.
I'll check the frets tomorrow, however i highly doubt that's the problem, as it's a fairly new guitar, and has been like this always.

Thanks for the quick and thorough response mate, i appreciate it :-)

It's definitely not coming from the pickups. I can sort of hear the notes dying. It's sort of hard to explain, but the further i go down the neck, and the more i bend the notes, they kind of sound like they're just straight up not vibrating properly.
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i'd just take it to a guitar tech for a setup.
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i'd just take it to a guitar tech for a setup.

Yeah, i'm probably going to do that, just wanted to run it by UG first, incase it was something obvious, and easily fixable that i just hadn't thought of :-)