Hey guys,

I went and bought myself a slide this morning, trying to expand a little on my playing, and honestly, I don't know where to begin... Any recommendations about beginner slide songs and whatnot would be absolutely great


Basically, it's very common to tune to a chord when playing with a slide.

So, that should be your first level of investigation, alternate tunings.

Which is why I never bother to use a slide, you have to relearn the notes on the fretboard for every tuning. Although, instinct and a good ear can go a long way to alleviate that need.

So, you may need to raise your guitar's action a bit, tune to a chord, but most importantly, have fun....

There's an old Stone's tune which you might enjoy trying to play, (actually it's credited to Jagger only), called "Memo from Turner. Ry Cooder plays slide in it, I think the key is either D or A. Give it a listen if you can.
I use an insulin bottle.be careful tunning in e that g sharp could hurt your kneck
Some basics.... Open tunings are standard for accompaniment work... Like playing blues stuff.

Standard tunings are often used in rock playing where you use the slide to play single-note lines. In both cases, learning to mute the strings behind the slide is essential.

Ideally, you aught to have a dedicated guitar, as the action needs to be on the high side and the strings on the heavy side.
Things to work on... Placing the slide directly over the fret consistently. Develop a good, clean vibrato. Learn to slide both "up" to a note and "down" to a note.

You can perform almost the entire catalogue of old blues tunes with the slide... Anything with that standard 1-IV-V chord structure.