Is it possible to get the MIDI file from guitar pro 5 to work in reaper? I have the drums MIDI working through ezdrummer, but I can't get the bass to play regardless of what FX I use. Any help would be appreciated
What bass VSTs have you tried, some of them may require transposing the MIDI part up an octave if it's too low?
I use 4front bass, it's free and simple. And like ^ said before you export gp5 bass to midi transpose everything an octave up. Just change the tuning an octave up on the instrument.
Try Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter. You`ll get MP3 file that can by inserted in project as usual audio track.
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I've been trying to drag and drop the bass MIDI file into reaper and switch the FX to some from my Line6 Pod, similar to the way you apply ezdrummer to MIDI files.
In other words you don't have anything playing the midi file. You need some kind of bass synthesizer, which is like EZDrummer but for bass. Some I know of are the 4front bass module, and Zombass, but there are others out there.
The cheapest good sounding bass VST would be ZomBass 2. Also leaves a lot possibilities to humanieze with sounds for releasing a note or the sound when you move your hand on the strings when you are changing positions.
ZomBass 3 and 4 also are pretty nice, but 2 is the most flexible.
The problem is you will have to run Kontakt Player in demo mode if you don't have the full version of Kontakt. That means it will stop working after 15 minutes and you will have to start a new instance of kontakt with zombass loaded.
When I used Zombass I often made the bassline with 4FrontBass first, then used Zombass to tweak and humanize. Then I also started a new instance of Zombass to render the bass track and worked on the tone and mix with the rendered track leaving the midi track frozen.

4Front Bass is ok, but you can't do a lot with it and it won't sound very natural on it's own. As far as I know it just simulates a Bass, while ZomBass uses DI Samples recorded in a studio with a real bass.

Another one that is popular but expensive is Trillian. But I don't have a lot of experience with that so I can't tell you alot about it.

In the long run a real bass guitar could be beneficial. But I also used ZomBass for quite a long time untill I found the bass I wanted and had the money to buy it.
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