And here is another composition, gathering funky parts and more symphonic ones. (some of you have already listened to some parts of it). I have to say, the metal aspect isn't really present, except at the beginning and just before the last calm interlude

Hope you enjoy*

* = even Cava (For the night is dark, and full of layers)
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lol sounds like a boss theme for a Kirby game. its pretty damn cool dude

btw, how were you able to get so many tracks? any time i try to make more than like 8 or 9, it just ends up cloning the last track i made. and if i try to change it, it just changes the track before it too
This is really great, man. The funk section got a little tired the third time, but otherwise I was blown away.
Thanks !

There's a trick to get more track "free" on TuxGuitar, i guess there is the same kind of thing on GP but I don't know what it is :P

Actually it's a bit annoying that the last part is boring, cause it is supposed to be the outro and... as such I wanted it to be catchy xD
The midi makes me think so much of those rpg games on the SNES lol

Anyways, this is a brilliant piece. I'm surprised on how you made all those tracks work so well without annoying volume peaks. About the music itself, there wasn't any "clashing" between sections that made it sound out of place, and I say that having in mind the places where the great FUNKY section shows up (by the way, leave it in the ending 'cause it's awesome).

About the chorus, it sounds good, however it's the weakest part of the song. The drums in conjuction with the "Maiden" chord progression made it sound a bit generic, even with the little phrases you put there. But don't get me wrong, this section isn't bad, it just sounds "less good" than the others (I suppose all songs have a weaker part, even though they can still be quite strong).

Great work overall, extra points for funky sections.