Hello friends I started guitar classes 2 months ago. Next month I'm planning to buy a new Guitar. Please suggest which guitar should I buy. My price is range is 100-130$ and I want to buy Acoustic guitar. Some people suggested me for Semi Acoustic Guitars, But I don't have much knowledge about it. So, please share your views.
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$130 isn't going to get you much of a guitar. maybe if your lucky, you can run across a used Yamaha FG700S for that...if your lucky.
the problem with really low end guitars that are that cheap(luna,first act, rogue...etc...) is that they are just plain unplayable. they'll force you to give up playing due to how uncomfortable they are to play.
i would wait longer and save up for something that won't make you quit early. guitar is a fantastic hobby. don't let a crappy piece of plywood hold you back.
if you get up to around $200 or so, there are some great starter guitars that we could recommend.... the Yamaha FG700S being the most playable, good quality guitar out there.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
You should be able to get a Yamaha f310, its not bad for a laminate top.
if you wait for a holiday sale, you should be able to grab a yamaha F335. it's actually pretty good quality and good tone, too. guitar center and musicians friend has holiday sales all the time, btw.

i would NOT recommend buying in acoustic electric in your price range as it will be total crap.
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Thanx friends for help. Yamaha F310 is in my price range. I searched the internet and found good reviews about it. Before I take futher decesion, I wanna know is there any other Yamaha Acoustic guitar in this price range.
There's an F325, but I've never tried one so I can't comment on it. The specs look similar to the 310, maybe the finish is different. Hope this helps.
Thanx for reply. Do you people aware of Givson (not Gibson) guitars. Please share your views.
How is Cort AD810 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar and Epiphone DR100. Has anyone played it and please share your views regarding these companies.


Do they make good guitar
I've never heard of Givson, Cort makes some decent guitars, I have not tried the AD810 before though. Epiphones quality control is generally lacking on their cheaper models, some people really like them, but I have not tried one that feels right.

Hope this helps