Hey, guys, I found used JP60 with Crunch Lab/LiquiFire set in it and I'm thinking about buying that thing. My only problem is I cannot touch any Sterling in my city and I can't touch the guitar I suppose buying either… so my only question is how the Sterling JP60 neck feels compared to Wizard Prestige from Ibanez - I tried RG1570 and absolutely loved it, opposed to PRS SE neck - it felt just "casual" in compared to Wizard. So what should I think? I read that Sterling have neck based on old Ultra Wizard…?
I play a Sterling by MusicMan JP60 with stock pickups. The neck feels really great. The neck is very comfortable to play and easy to move around the fretboard. I suggest you to try the SBMM JP60 before purchasing it, see how it feels in your hand. You've stated that it has DiMarzio Crunch Lab/LiquiFire pickups installed, these pickups are really great sounding so the output should be nice. As for the Ibanez Prestige RG1570, I have never played any Prestige series guitar but I do know they are premium quality guitar with highest level of quality control. They do sound excellent. I've heard their necks are quite thin and have good playability. If you like the RG1570 you've tried you can go for it. Additionally Ibanez Prestige series guitars are produced in Japan with high quality materials and hardware so they should be better than SBMM guitars(these are made in Indonesia). Sterling by MusicMan JP60 is a budget version of MusicMan JP guitars although the guitar is well made and worth of it's price. So if the condition of the Ibanez you have tried is better than the SBMM you might want to set your mind for the RG one.