Hey everyone! My name is Ryan Minor and I love to play guitar and write songs as well as record covers! I recorded and released my first album in 2009 called "Truth and Treason" and have recently gotten back into recording some new material as well as posting covers to youtube. All of my music is streaming on my pages and available completely free for download on my soundcloud and reverbnation pages and if you guys like it, I would love to hear from you! I would also love to do collaborations with you if anyone is looking for an online guitar player.

Thanks everyone in advance and I would love to listen to your material and your band as well, subscriptions and likes will be returned!

This is one of my new songs called 6 Words and it is a rock instrumental similar to the style of Andy Timmons, I hope you like it!

**The issue with the audio not playing correctly on mobile devices has been fixed**

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