So i restrung my guitar because im going from drop C to drop A, and all the strings went on fine and sound solid, except for the d string. In drop A, the d is supposed to be an A. and every time i try to tune it to A, it snaps at like F. It keeps breaking at the end that is in the saddle of the floyd and that saddle is wobbly too. So i dont know how to fix it. I tried restringing it again too and it didnt help. Any suggestions?
Are you sure you are going to the correct octave?

Other than that, you have a burr somewhere.

Not sure what you mean by the saddle is wobbly.
yea i know which A haha. what do you mean by burr? and the metal box that the string is fed into moves around slightly when i touch it, and that doesnt happen with any of the other ones, so i dont know if that has something to do with it.
A burr would be a piece of metal sticking out, usually from wear, that is cutting the string. If you have a small file, run it over the edge where the string touches.

The saddle shouldn't move when you have a string locked in it. If it's without a string, no issue.