I have a baden dreadnaught and just decided that I'm going to put a strap button on it (it doesn't have any at all) and I've seen tutorials on how to do the neck spot installation but not the bottom end...i have a hand drill with some small bits and the necessary hardware.. can anyone point me in the right direction?
First, take the strings off, and get a small mirror to put inside the body, to determine what type of end block is present.

If an inside end block is present, then you would simply drill a small pilot hole DEAD CENTER, (from top to bottom), and DEAD CENTER where the two body sides join.

If the guitar doesn't have a joining block, (worst case), then you might get a small square of aircraft plywood or such, and glue it in place where the prospective hole is intended to go.

You might have to sand a very shallow radius on the side of the block facing the guitar, so as the block sits flush, and doesn't bend the sides when the screw is tightened.

If installing a block is necessary, ou will probably have to drill the body and block in advance, then glue the block, while using the strap button as a clamp, as it would be difficult to find a C clamp with that kind of reach to pre-install the block alone.

(Keep in mind this business likely won't be necessary)

This is the same method used by the factory, when the upper strap button is fixed the the upper bout of the guitar, and NOT the neck heel.

In fact, I think that approach is more sound, as you never know how much trouble if the the grain in the neck heel decides it isn't going to cooperate with you.

I don't have any resources on this at the moment. If your question hasn't been answered to your satisfaction, please post back and we'll try again.

(The pilot drill should be the same diameter as the CORE of the screw, not the total diameter which would include the threads).

Are you planning on installing a pickup? Because that is normally done in an acoustic , by routing the output through an "end pin jack", which is another animal all together
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nope just the pin for now..and i installed it last night and it worked out great...even went busking for a few hours