op musician looking for vocalist to sing on the music I've made.


Info on me:
My name is Miles, I am 19 years old, and I have started a music project called Great Lakes Feather Company back in 2011. The kind of music I make is a mixture of electronica, dance, punk, and hip hop but can most strongly be compared to modern pop artists (such as La Roux, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, etc.) Originally I just used local talent to flesh out my music but I'm looking for one or only a couple people to work seriously on music. I want to record a new album with this vocalist/vocalists and someday help preform cool shows with lights and perhaps even back up dancers.

What I'm looking for:
If you are seriously interested in becoming a professional artist, I believe we can help eachother reach our dreams. Hopefully you have recording equipment so you can record your voice over instrumentals I've made.

Demo ideas for songs we could possibly work on:
Take a listen to some of my material if you are interested! And contact me asap!
Hey man I may be interested. I sent you a PM with some links to my samples.
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