I've been absolutely enamored with how Thai folk music is played on guitar. There's a specific intrument that I love the sound of called the Pin (Phin). Here's a wonderful video of a man playing it and playing music I'd love to be able to play.

(Can't seem to link so here's the last bit to put after .com on youtube) /watch?v=zl8hVjscPOU

I'm fairly sure of what exercises I need to do to be able to play it but my problem is I don't exactly know *what* to play. Does anyone know or even recognize the scale or notes that he's playing? Not specifically that song but there's a pattern in the notes he's playing. To my untrained and ignorant ears it seems like improvising can be a big part of it which I'm decent at doing. I just need to know the basic patterns and what notes he's playing. There's also the chance that the scale used on the Phin isn't the same as the scale used on guitars.

So uhh... any tips?
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Scale wise sounds like pentatonic scales, so I'd just advise you to play around with them along to the youtube video.
In the first part he plays around with a scale with the notes B, C#, E, F#, A.
Those are the same notes as you find in A major pentatonic and F# minor pentatonic.

I'm not really familiar with this type of music, so that's unfortunately all I can add to this for now.
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Sounds like something out of an old Street Fighter game

See if you can find actual artists and tabs or music sheets of the songs. Otherwise, find a thai folk song and start learning it by ear, a few phrases at least. You have to some how play an excerpt to be able to have an idea of what you're doing.
try this link on youtube and you can find a lot of lessons and further information about playing a phin.
Good luck and a lot of fun
Micha from Switzerland
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