doesn't sound like nirvana at all sounds more them crooked vultures or jet or that kinda of stuff, i like it though
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I don 't think it 's like Nirvana, but it is not a unique sound. It is a very good song and it has a nice groove. You should finish it and show us the result
I don't know why you would think this sounds like Nirvana. IMO it's way too "rock'n'roll" for Nirvana. I mean, usually Nirvana is a lot more angst and angry or something like that, can't describe. More energetic or something. But whatever, I think the song works pretty well. And yeah, add some vocals and it'll be perfect. So yeah, it definitely doesn't sound "too much like Nirvana".
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Doesn't sound like Nirvana at all. This sounds very Rock N' Roll. I do like how raw and aggressive the riffs sound in the song. I would increase the volume on that lead guitar at the end though. Now, just throw some vocals on it to flesh the song out more, and you've got something pretty solid.