Hey all, I'm new here. I wanted to find out opinions from people who can talk from experience. Which pickups may be better...
I've got a through-neck mahogany Ibanez RG2020 (she's a beaut).
I was planning to mod her stock Dimarzio/IBZ pickups with a set of Bartolinis, despite not knowing much about them - but the little I have managed to find out I like the sound of. These are the Bartolini PBF-77D (bridge) & Bartolini PBF-55 (neck). I like that they're uncommon, not used by many people, are kinda exotic/boutique & the lack of exposed magnetic poles looks nice & would go with my guitar & helps with sustain. They supposed to have a real warm sound whilst still rocking, so seem perfect for my guitar.
I'm familiar with Bartolini pickups for bass & they're just great - they're much less commonly used for guitar.
Anyway, I came across a bargain for a barely used set of Dimarzio's - a Tone Zone (bridge) & Air Norton (neck), which I just had to get for the price. So I did, but now I'm not sure whether to install these in her & not bother with the Bartolini's anymore, or give them to one of my bro's for a gift, or use them until I get more money for the Bart's, or what...I still really like the look of the Bart pups.
Any advice?
I know I should probably just install them & make my own mind up, but I still wont be able to compare with the Bart's until I get them (if I do).
So, anyone have experience with both sets?
I don't think I have ever heard Bartolini pickups in any guitar, only in a bass.

Dimarzio I know are nice I have had them in several different guitars and have always been happy.
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Yeah, you're probably right. I'm sure I'll be happy installing the DiMarzio's - I'd just love to hear more of the Bart guitar pickups - if they make such good bass pickups I have a feeling guitarists are missing out on something potentially quite special