After reading about some people getting decent results from this amp after a few changes I decided to do the same. The JJ is a 12AU7. Also switched to a 1x12 cab. Very pleased with the result, despite the idiocy of buying an amp just to spend more money pretty much completely changing it. Not sure if it needs the c19 clip now, but the shitty stock china tubes had to go and the supplied 1x10 was nothing exciting either. Still plenty of gain with the 5751's (for my needs anyway), and no need to re-bias.
Yeeeeeah brother, gotta love small heads.

Happy NAD
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How does it sound?

What's it like not having a mid-eq? I think that's the most important one for me
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What's it like not having a mid-eq? I think that's the most important one for me

I don't have a Nite train, but I have an amp with only bass, treble and volume controls on the clean channel and it sounds really good. I think the amps design has more to do with it than anything else.
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The main difference in sound is actually how quiet it is now, most likely due to the 5751's. Hardly a whisper with everything dimed. The lack of mid-eq doesn't phase me too much, and the simplicity is a nice change (one less thing to waste time messing with) especially for me being an obsessive fiddler of knobs (pardon the pun). Still not much 'thump' to the bass, but I only use it to play lead, and it is loud enough to play with a drummer, even playing clean. The change of tubes (and the cab upgrade) definitely eradicated the harsh treble everyone complains about, and I can now safely plug in a Tele using the bridge pickup without wanting to kill myself.
AWESOME. not at all. great amps, but most of the time even good amps come with terrible tubes. totally justifiable.

5751s are great! almost nobody says they drop gain, most just say they get more clarity, and a more usable range of gain.

the 12au7 gets me. why? vey low gain, for the power section? its already low wattage amp??? or is that the preamp tube?
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The stock vox setup uses 12au7 (yes thats the power section) so all I did there was switch the 'made in china' for the JJ gold pin au7. The two ehx's went in the pre mainly for the earlier mentioned EQ issues. So as I'd hoped, (through my minimal knowledge of amps) the gain and volume stayed pretty much the same. At the moment it sounds good enough to just plug straight in, which is rare for someone of my (lack of) ability. Occasionally I bitch out with some reverb
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