Hey all. I've got a few bits for sale as I'm saving for a car.

The pedals have all been used on a pedal board so have some marks underneath from the velcro, and might have some minor marks but are generally in excellent condition.

The pedals I have are:

Boss RC-30 - £180 £8 Special Delivery.
Fulltone MDV2 - £180 £8 Special Delivery.
Digitech Whammy 5 - £130 £8 Special Delivery.
Moog Ring Modulator - £180 £8 Special Delivery.

The Pickups are a Seymour Duncan JB bridge and a 59 Neck. £55 each or £100 for the two. Plus P7P of £6 each or £8 for the two Special Delivery.

I've also got a Pedal Train 2, fitted with velcro that comes with a padded bag.

That's quite heavy so I'll have to courier it for £10.

Thanks guys. PM me via the forum, not the profile page, or reply here.