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I have a 2 year old macbook pro and yesterday I clicked on the battery and it says 'Service Battery' and I tried to google it is there anyway cheaply I could fix it or even fix it at all without having to buy a new battery or going to the Apple store? Either way I'm going to the Apple store tomorrow for answers but in the mean time if anyone could answer my question, that would be awesome!


Also P.S please no Mac vs PC argument or why Mac sucks please

lol I've had the service battery status for like a year and a half now after 5 years.

You cannot get it cheaply fixed. You can try www.ifixit.com but it it will stay require buying the battery, which is around $80 or so on top of the toolkit.

If you're not good with computers you should just take it in.

Keep in mind it doesn't actually mean your battery is about to die. It's just reaching the point where it no longer holds its charge at full capacity and your battery's charge cycle is nearing 50%

Mine still runs on around 2 hours.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Thank you so much for putting me out of my missery, I was literally panicking thinking that my mac will give up snd die within the next few days haha.
I bought mine used off over a year ago now and it's always said 'service battery'. Nothing to worry about, just if you want it to hold charge properly you need to get it replaced.
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Also, at this point, make sure you don't overcharge your computer, because you'll kill the battery quickly.
If it's your main computer, it's worth the $100ish at the apple store just to get it fixed. Apple batteries should certainly last longer than 2 years.