I'm trying to record my first album, but I'm having some issues with equipment. No matter which guitar I use (fender strat, fender squier bass, and an ibanez have been tried so far), with any amp I own (I've got a little marshal cube, a 15 watt bass amp, and I've grown keen of using my Boss RC-300 Pedal Board to easily plug into my interface for recording), and several different combinations chords all give me terrible feedback that is way too noticeable in the recordings to be acceptable. I've tried different combinations of distance from the amps, direction they or I face and volume/gain on every piece of equipment with no luck. The odd thing is that it only happens in the room I live/record in, which leads me to believe it's an electric issue in the room (I'm amateur, so my fancy dorm room is my studio for the time). Also, I find that touching my strings or the ends of the cable plugged into the guitar will silence it, but that stops working after I play a little while. Is there anything I can do or will I have to just wait it out for another space?
If touching the strings deadens the noise then there is a good chance your guitar(s) are not properly grounded.

If you are serious about this, as it seems you would be since you are recording an album, then start with making sure your guitars are grounded. There are many youtube vids on this as well as tutorials (here and elsewhere).

Another thing you can do is get yourself a power conditioner from Furman or APC. Don't get a cheap one, be prepared to spend at least $100.

You may also want to consider getting a better amp too.

Good luck,