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I have a Behringer X-V amp model LX1-X

I bought it second hand for £10 so in my mind to begin with it will probably not work.
I got it home and it wasn't as bad asI though.
Plugged it in and the lights came on, great it works.
I linked it up to an amp or headphones and connected a guitar into it.
All I hear is a very electronic humming, when I fiddle with the effects the hum follows what it's set to such as a delay, you'll hear a repetitive clicking.

But, when I strum the guitar or touch the end of the lead there seems to be absolutely nothing going into it.
My first initial thought was that the input may be broken. But my friend seems to think its more than that.

So basically- pedal works fine, or so I think.
Just no sound being let in.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge of proper terms.
I've never been arsed with that shit.



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If the cable is good, it is probably the input jack on the behringer.
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