I have a Gibson SG and I like to play heavy music. Such as Parkway Drive, Emmure, August Burns Red etc. I usually play in Drop B but it's hard to keep the strings in tune. I was wondering what strings work best for that low tunings? And if it's to any harm for my guitar?

Need help! Thanks. I'm a noob at this stuff
The perfect situation would be, that if you're going to use the guitar mainly for that kind of tuning, take the guitar to a luthier(the guy that fixes guitar, don't know if is the proper word in english) and tell him what you want. Probably he will change the distance between the strings and fret, and some more stuffs.
For low tunings it's good to have heavy gauge strings. I think that something like .12 will do.

Then the easy way...just change the strings and that's it.
I've been using .11 through .49 on my drop b guitars, and it works fine. Go with the Elixir nanoweb strings, they are the best. You may want to make sure it is set up properly, too.
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