Ill keep it short, took up bass in my band as our old player left and i'm not half bad but i have no decent live bass amp. So if i bought a bass head, probably a Hartke. Could i run it through my old Marshall 4x12 cab or would there be some serious impedance issues and would it blow up?
If you wanna risk breaking the cab, go for it. Guitar head through a bass cab is doable - see: lemmy - but guitar speakers are not made to handle the frequencies and pure unbridled awesome of a bass
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Ah fair enough then, thought i could kill two birds with one stone but nevermind. TC Electronic amps it is then!
Yeah, bass through whatever amp and guitar cab would end up risking, and probably damaging the guitar cab's speakers, since they don't have the excursion capability a bass speaker has. Just try to get a decent 1X15 cab if budget is low.
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