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I'm sorry for the strange title but I couldn't find other words to describe it. Ever since I took up the guitar I have had more or less always canal-like elongated holes on my fingetips because of the pressing down on the strings. Whenever I play I feel the need to absolutely always but my fingertip on the string where the hole on my fingertip will prefectly fit. If I don't do this I feel an extremely unconfortable feeling even if the string is ringing out normally.

My question is: is this normal? Are all the great musicians out there always putting their fingertips on exactly the same spot? I mean, the string is touching exactly the same spot of their fingertip everytime?

Sounds like you play in the same neck position all the time. I also get those finger tip "canals", but they go away after a few moments.

The Fix: play all over the neck horizontally. Relax your arm and don't adjust your hand to make the strings fit the finger "canals", because you will be making it worse.
They're not supposed to stay there really, that doesn't sound good. Sounds like too much tension, and not branching out enough on the fretboard or strings. I can't imagine a 6th string 'finger canal' or whatever the official name for it is would be effective on the 1st or 2nd, so really I would avoid them.

As Deadds recomended, loosen up and explore the guitar more, you don't want those 'canals' to stay, and tension is generally anathema for playing an instrument.
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I see, so I should fight the unconfortable feeling of it when the string is 'outside of the canal' - that will be hard! Anyway, thanks. Someone else have some tips to offer?
It seems to me that you have been over practicing and use too much force to fret the notes. I never get canals in my fingers. Or I do sometimes but they go away almost instantly when I stop playing. Take a break to get rid of the canals. Don't play if it feels uncomfortable. Playing the guitar should feel good.
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In addition to what the others have said, it's possible that the action on your strings is too high, and also that you haven't been playing long enough for the calluses to form. I don't get canals much anymore unless my finger never leaves the same spot and even then, they aren't deep.