On friday I finally pulled the trigger on a nice amp, I did a lot of research on a bunch of different amps. I watched tons of Youtube videos and searched around different message boards reading peoples opinions on some amps.
The amp I chose is the Mesa Boogie Mark V. It seems to me to be a pretty versatile amp so I bought one.
For the last two and a half days I've been fiddling trying to get my "perfect" tone, I'm close but not quite where I want it to be yet.
The amp looked really complicated to use and a few people compared it to an air plane cockpit but in all honesty it's laid out really well and fairly simple to use.
one thing I must say about the amp is holy hell is it loud, I got the 1x12 combo for ease of transportation, it's quite heavy but it's worth carting it around because it sounds so good.
I really like how it has 3 different reverb controls, one for each channel so I can have a nice heavy reverb on the cleans if I want it but can have something a little less intrusive on the high gain.
Channel one I'm currently running in FAT mode, Channel two in CRUNCH and channel 3 in MARK IV.
so far I believe I have found the amp that I've been hoping to find since I began playing the guitar 10 years ago, hopefully it's durable to last me a life time.
And that brings me to the second bit of the new "gear" day
Since they showed these off a NAMM I wanted one but obtaining one here in Canada has been the fun part, always out of stock and on back order, I was at work and was sent a picture of this guitar hanging on the wall so I called up the store and asked if they would put it aside for me and I would pick it up the same day I picked up the amp, they said sure no problem and put it away for me.

The guitar is the EVH striped series, made in Mexico, wolfgang pickup, EVH floyd with a Dtuna.
First thing is the guitar being made in Mexico I didn't really have too high of hopes, call me narrow minded if you will but I'm used to high end American and Japanese made guitars, but I wanted one of these because at the time the Charvel EVH art series came out I couldn't afford one and now they're hard to find in mint shape.
This guitar surprised me, I'm not a really big fan of 2 piece maple necks, I tried the EBMM Axis and it just didn't feel "right" to me, but this feels pretty good, the wolfgang pickup sounds pretty good aswell it's a bit more scooped sounding than the Evoloution pickups in my Jem7v but I like it.
I'll probably end up replacing the EVH branded floyd for an Original bridge in the future and while the Dtuna is a cool concept I don't think I'll ever use it that much.
The paint is nice and smooth and shiny, I can't find any defects in it, so count me impressed with the guitar aswell.
I'll post a picture of most of the family, the only one missing is a LTD something or other that sits in the case all the time and a solid state Groove Factory half stack.

From left to right
2011 Fender ustom shop custom deluxe with the EMG DG20 pickup set
EVH striped series
2012 Ibanez JEM7vWH
Epiphone Les Paul Pro/FX
And behind them the Marvelous Mark V
Thanks for reading
That is quite a collection you have there! HNG&AD! Enjoy the hell out of them!!!
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Really nice new Guitar and Amp! I hear nothing but praise for the Mark series. I might end up getting one in the next couple of years.
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Thanks guys, hopefully once I get the tone I want dialed in I get around to doing some new recordings.