My band Defy Me just released a brand new video. The song is home recorded. Search for us on Facebook and you can find link to video on Youtube. Please let us know what you think
Why don't you just link to it on here...?
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Nice song, i like the riffing XD But...

As I was listening to this i kept thinking cmon man SCREAM in my face!!!

Don't be afraid to put the screamer and vocalists right in my face (with volume, compression, whatever tricks you can think of)

Come to think of it you have the opposite "problem" that another band here has, they're a folk band that i felt was too in my face, where as the band is "too far away" from me in this one.

Be fearless! Turn it up!

(figuratively, what i mean is record with closed mics and maybe have the vocalist use a dynamic mic and eat the shit out of that thing while recording, again figuratively)
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I wish the screams has a whole lot more PUNCH to them. They're pretty low in the mix. Add compression, and up the volume some. I agree with pretty much everything in the above post about the vocals. And up the solo volume too. Very low in the song. I like the song though. Not bad.

The sweeps sound extremely weak. I would fix that a lot. Like, they sound badly recorded. Throw more distortion on them, make them more present in the song, and play it cleaner.

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