Hi, I was wondering where the best drum backings can be found? I'm trying to improve my guitar improv, but I was wondering if there is any definitive source of drum recordings, preferably not song specific, just random beats. I'm trying to practice scales and arpeggios but I want something to improv with.
You could buy a drum machine. Or there are drum softwares you can buy too such as addictive drums or Ezdrummer. I'd advise you to look into those options. Otherwise, there are a pile of backing tracks on youtube.
The latest version of Garageband for iOS and/or OSX gets my vote if you have a way to pick up either of those.
OSX version is better, but the iOS version is great too.
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I guess a good thing to use if you just want to practice your improv is TuxGuitar, since it's free and allows you to program MIDI drum tracks into it. The sounds aren't the most inspiring, but it allows for any tempo and is fairly easy to use
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If you want I can make you some drum tracks at different tempos and with any rhythm you want

Ok, I'll take 4 different drum tracks around 3 minutes each, one metal, one funky, one classic rock, and one hard rock. Put them on youtube, and I'll download them and tell you what I think. Keep the BPM from 70-150
Thank you so much! I'm very glad you took the time to do this for me. I think these should be posted somewhere prominent because of how versatile they are.