idk, i'm working on writing an album of progressivey poppy mellowey happy sad music.. i just snagged a condenser and i'm trying to learn how to sing but i've got a long way to go.. i would greatly appreciate any feedback on my mix or style or composition.

thanks guys
Nice composition on this man, be wary of the sibblance the hi-hat and cymbals gradually introduce as you add on "the good stuff" (reverb, compression, etc). So watch that 4.5k to 6k ish eq wise as you mix.

Good luck to you sir!

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I love music like this. Wish it didn't end so soon. I was expecting a whole song to kick in near the end. Great intro for a song. I, personally would increase the hi-hat volume a bit, so it's more prominent in the mix. Other than that, it sounds really good to me. Good guitar tones.

thank you guys for the helpful comments! i'll definitely try to look into the overhead/hat eq and volume. i really could work a bit on the drum mix in general!

i will gladly check out that link as well, Hero. i'll give it the proper attention after my work day is overwith..