It says it's a "Mockingbird". So, it's an acoustic knockoff of their solid body electric, called strangely enough, "Mockingbird"....Which in turn, is allegedly a pop art knockoff of the Gibson SG series.

It's off putting enough to me, that I don't care to know any more than that about it.......sorry. (That said, the electric versions are eccentric, but not anywhere near as garish, IMHO).

After all, people have said that the strat headstock on a Fender "Sonoran", is too kitschy and contrived. (I own one, and I have feelings, you know.. ). That jewel is 100% pure tacky, grotesque even.

The acoustic version looks like it would be even too garish for an MTV, "Kiss Unplugged" episode.
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some company actually made that in hopes of making money ? really?
that sucker's gonna sit on your local CL for quite some tme. it'll be hard to find a second person with really really bad taste to take it off his hands.
cranky's right, it's not worth me doing the research either.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
/honestly, I like the looks, but mockingbirds have been one of my favorite guitars for awhile. Even if it did look horrendous, I don't care, I just wanna know what it sounds like. If it was actually decently made, I imagine it being nice.
OK first, the electric version of the Mockingbird is not bad looking. I might even consider buying one. That said, it wouldn't be a first choice.

That acoustic monstrosity no, not under any circumstances. So, let's negate the caprice of personal taste and deal with what are in all likelihood the facts about the guitar.

It's most likely all laminate. It's a thin body. That should tell you that's it's a "ya gotta plug me in, and EQ the crap out of me", before the sound is even passable.

Other than that, when it's unplugged, I picture the sound as being "plinky", and "cardboardy".

If that's what you want, by all means, don't let me deter you from your destiny.

You might as well grab an acoustic "Flying V" while you're at it, so you'll have a backup.
oh... let's not go back to that flying V thread. there's only so much my toilet can take.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)