I am looking into attenuators to help me crank my marshall DSL50 at gigs. I don't want or expect attenuators to work at bedroom volumes. Basically the sweet spot on the DSL is around 6-7 on the volume, but at the level our band plays at ive never had it past 2.5.

I was wondering if anyone had experience with the Palmer PDI-06?


Also, I found this:


the one i would be looking at is the Hotbox 66 which would give me 75% attenuation (it would absorb 75% of the power) Would this be too high a level of attenuation? Does anyone with any type of attenuator that offers this know whether its too much? I prefer the look of the second one due to the price - I dont want variable attenuation, just one level so i can crank a bit more, but i dont particularly want to have to run the DSL flat out at 10 because ive opted for too much attenuation - I dont fancy revalving it every 3 months!