So atm I have a cheap but semi decent epiphone guitar, I will be getting a high quailty esp guitar with an active set of pups later in the year, it will be the first expensive guitar I will own, however I see all these cool passive pickups online I'd like to try out and customize my guitar with.

I think putting them in the active esp would be more trouble than it's worth since you can get different active pups that sound more passive without having to mod your active guitar, I was thinking about buying the pups and putting them in my epiphone for the time being.

then when I have a good passive guitar I could take the pickups from the epiphone and put them into the new guitar, does anyone see any problems with this? would the pickups deteriorate after being put into the epiphone, would they still be good for another guitar afterwards? I was thinking about a set of duncan or dimarzio humbuckers, but are there any issues with this plan I might not know about?

thanks, bye
Pickups don't deteriorate in any meaningful sense. Over many (30+) years the magnets lose a tiny bit of their pull, but many people actually like that effect and it certainly isn't something to worry about. There's absolutely no change from installing and reinstalling them in different guitars.

You can absolutely swap pickups like this, and they will sound as good as new. The only thing to keep in mind here is that you need to use different pots, caps, and output jacks for active and passive pickups, so you won't be able to simply drop the new pickups in. Once you learn how to wire a guitar, though, it's no big deal to replace all the wiring.