Hello UG!

Three years have passed since a huge part of my gear was stolen (along with other stuff). During that time my orientation as a guitar player moved towards the electric guitar, and I've pumped some money to appease my GAS. Now I want to write music again and I need your advice.

Right now I get my toanz from a VHT pitbull 50w and/or a AMT SS-20 preamp (other pedals are kinda irrelevant). Guitars are a Schecter Stargazer (/w BKPs), ESP Horizon FR-ii (/w SDs), and a Loomis7 (/w EMGs). I have a considerably powerful PC.

I am thinking about getting a POD and a pair of nearfields. Versatility and recording capabilities are what I am going for. If I like what I hear, I ll probably use it at gigs with my band too.

Do I get the 500x or the pro x?
What will be the differences (except for live usage where I ll need an fsb)?
Will I absolutely need a recording interface or just a DAW to start things up (home recording)?