Hi, a lot of people + me have problem with pick attack/noise. At First what I mean by pick noise/attack:
>>> [forbidden link] <<<
It's not my recording, but on another forum someone posted it and i think it's great example.
"Lead…more" is without any kind of effect to minimize attack/noise, second is after echentsments.

It's not technique. I am great player, i am sweeping and shreeding and i tried everything.
It wasn't problem but recently I have started recording. Now I am doing solo pick noise/attack is loud as hell.

on another forums people write:
change angle of pick, change to thicker pick, change to thinner pick, practise, use copressor, use DeEsser, use transient designer, eq it down, play lighter, try not to pick every note, lower pickups, less gain, turn bass down, mid, treble, get out of microphone, record directly to interface, change pick materials and shapes… and more.

I have tested everything… For two weeks I was trying to minimize pick attack/noise. It's not possible…

How people are doing it? How can I minimize pick noise/attack.

PS: there are no solutions on YouTube, and on forums…
PSS: please dont write about technique, but about audio editing
PSSS: I am new here, Hi
PSSSS: please don't write to buy some plugins for 199$
PSSSSS: and last thing, I am using Logic Pro X so Mac OSX, I am using Shure Beta 57a and Line 6 UX1.

Thank you
there was link:
"soundclick.com" plus

and as i wrote before its not mine
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Don't be so heavy handed dude. Pick noise shouldn't be a problem from the recording. It's a problem with the playing. Especially if it's sounding when you record it directly and through a microphone. Sorry to mention technique, but this does sound like where the problem is coming from. Possibly try relaxing the wrist a little and hitting the strings a little softer. If you want to edit it, you'd have to cut up each individual note and put a slight fade in on them, but that would take forever. Or maybe use a noise gate with a slow attack to try and minimize the initial attack? Those last two are just guesses, but my honest answer would be it sounds like a technique problem. Sorry dude.
I am playing lite, not hard. Believe me its not techinque… (of course i have noise gate)
if you start picking on 15 fret, on high E string there is no way to minimize it by picking diffrent way… today I was trying every pick I have, every grip i can imagin, every every thing and i dont see hope… the same thing is with finger.
i dont see hope but i believe that there is something in recording i am missing… i dont know
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The lines "I'm a great player" kind of put me off wanting to answer this question...

But I'll try anyway, I have to say, the recording is AWFUL. It sounds more like you're recording through a cellphone than a sm57. What is you exact recording process in detail?

Though I have to say, with the stuff you're playing, you don't need to be playing with as much pick, yes the recording isn't helping, but it sounds natural for what it is. You do also sound like you're picking way to hard.

So it's either just the recording that sounds bad, trust me the pick noise is the least of your problem, or you should just be using more legato. You say you were sweeping and stuff... I hear exactly none of that unless I've gone to the wrong page, it's this right?

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it is not my recording i wrote it…

I set microphone like 3 cm from center of speaker at right and 1 cm from membrane (sory for my english), then I conect al stuff together, and record. signal goes like: guitar, amp;noisegate,and something, microphone, usb interface, Logic,second noise gate, EQ, maybe compressor, or something to get tone.

i am sewwping and stuff, i was searching for solution for atack/noise, and i found this recording on one of forums, when osmebody was showing what he did with melodyne.
Melodyne is used to change the pitch of vocal phrases etc..., not to fix problems with too much attack on the notes. I think you should maybe go back to basics with recording and learn what the gear does first. Why have two noise gates?
first is built in amp, and second jut turned mostly like nothing to clean from any kind of sound while i am not playing. yes i know but someone told that melodyne has option that can be used to minimize atack/noise. i will go back to basics, just to make sure that i do everything right.

ok, but i dunno what to do, because when i pick with every kind of pick or without, with every kind of holding and hardness of picking, in every place, on strings, with every parameter on every guitar, i get this freakin noise… what should i do? i was searching in whole internet and there wer no solution… is there any way to get rid of that sound on hi gain and with huge reverb?
it looks like it is fault of my technique, but no way because i have tried everything, or fault strings, is that possible? my addario somethig are my record breaking strings because i am bending so much strings were breaking after 3 months, these have already 5months and i was going to change them, but they were great so i was like " i am going to wait untill one of them break"

realy sory for my english
lol 5 month old strings, 100 hrs max, depend how much you play, 6 weeks mine are at 100 hrs. I usually record tracks within a week of putting on a new set, the harmonics on every note are far better.

As for the pick noise, use a rounder tip and more angle, as you brush the string it will make more of a cello sound, youtube Paul Gilbert picking tips
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